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my jacket in the puddle...

My life.My friends.My cock.My business.

Hey you.
Hey, you guys. My names Ry and I live in New England, but I'm originally from the South. I've lived pretty much everywhere/nowhere up and down the East Coast - thanks to my Dad's job, among other things. The only thing I was able to retain from livin' down south was a bit of an accent, and manners - that's it. But that's enough. I'm a southern gentlemen, but no conservative. I've grown accustomed to the Northeast's whole middle-finger in the air mentality. I can talk my ass off, and I hope to channel this into a career in the broadcasting and media industry. I strongly believe this LJ is going to bite me in the ass in future years. I'm all about music. I love all forms of hip-hop, pop, emo-screamo, and anything in between. I like Now CDs. I try to be sweet, but I'm probably a thinking man's cock. There's no point to living your life acting like an asshole, you know?
I have a hard time figuring out whether to describe myself as a country boy or a city guy - so I'll just give you the random info and let you decide. OK, I terrorize my Mom over my total gravitational pull to cities ghetto, and am attracted to all things gritty. Once you get past the drugs, prostitutes, and gang violence, I think ghettos are beautiful because they show real heart - everybody in it is taking life day by day and just trying to survive. That's what I'm about - after what I've been through. I cuss a lot, too - but only around people I know that won't mind. Like my friends page. I love gridlock. I love blacks. I love concrete. With that said, I was born and raised in the South up to about 3 or 4 years ago. I have the accent - but not the redneck one. I don't stress stupid shit. Like, I'd shove my arm up a horse's ass to take it's temperature and not cry about it. But I stress big shits. I'm really not mean...which...is kinda country. We used to have a big house, and we were pretty loaded. Lately, after bankruptcy, homelessness, having no family, blah blah blah, I'M NOT DEAD. Honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way. It made me who I am. It made me strong, and sensitive - equally and wholey. Now I'm at college, and I'm totally ambitious. I want Revenge. I live my life in the moment. I'm a Southern Baptist Liberal Democrat - it's possible and it's here. I'm single and not particularly looking. But I fall in love really easy, so fuck it. I can't drive - but I do anyway. I blog during masturbation pretty regularly. Gosh, sums it up.
My shit contains adult language, sexual themes, mild violence and if I like you, I'm probably going to try and flirt with you in the comments. Don't get mad. I'm 20 years old. Also, I'm an anonymous person. An anonymous person who puts his name out there, where he works, who he fucks, who he wants to fuck, and basically every other single personal detail of my life. That's me. That's my personality. I'm a good friend. I'm loyal. I'm trust-worthy. But that's just me to you. Don't ask me for my digits, cuz you're not calling me. Don't ask me for my address, cuz you're never gonna be swinging on my porch. I just wanna be your friendly, dumb-fuck boy in the internet. I've got AIDS, K? My house is burning down, K? lol.
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